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The Benefits of an EB-5 Visa for International Students


As summer comes to an end, many students are beginning the next school year, and some are starting out on their journey at a new university. Many foreign students dream of attending a top-tier university in the United States. While the nation offers many amazing educational opportunities, as well as post-graduation career opportunities, immigrating into the United States can be quite a complicated process.

Whether it’s the international enrollment process, the high cost of tuition, or the restriction of possible jobs, international students have a lot of obstacles to overcome. Even after graduating from a U.S. university, they must quickly find an employer to sponsor them so that they can continue to remain in the United States. Fortunately, the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program is a wonderful solution to these problems.

What is the EB-5 Program?

The EB-5 program allows foreign investors to obtain a U.S. green card by investing in U.S. businesses. The minimum required investment is $1.8 million, or $900,000 if the EB-5 project is in a targeted employment area (TEA). The investor must prove that the investment created at least 10 new full-time jobs for U.S. workers. If the investor meets these requirements, they and their family are eligible to receive U.S. green cards.

The Benefits of an EB-5 Visa for Students

There are many challenges that international students face when planning to attend a university in the United States. Below are the advantages that an EB-5 visa can offer international students.

Easier Admission to U.S. Colleges

Many of the top schools in the U.S. are highly selective in their admissions process. The admission process can be highly competitive for domestic students and even more so for international students. U.S. colleges normally accept more U.S. students than they do international students, which, in turn, makes admission to the university even more difficult for non-U.S. residents.

The EB-5 program can solve this issue for internationals that wish to attend U.S. universities. Those who have an EB-5 visa are considered U.S. residents, which allows them to apply as a domestic student, giving them a better chance at admission.

Savings on Tuition Costs

Because EB-5 visa holders are considered U.S. residents, they are also eligible for in-state tuition benefits. Qualifying for in-state tuition can help students save significantly on the cost of attending university. In-state applicants are also eligible for various scholarships that out-of-state and international students cannot apply for.

More Job Opportunities During College

Traditional student visas, such as the F-1 or M-1 visas, greatly restrict job options for international students. Students may miss out on potential job offers or internship opportunities that their visas prohibit them from taking. This can greatly disadvantage the student when seeking a job after graduation.

However, the EB-5 visa is perfect solution to this problem. EB-5 visa holders can work freely in the United States, allowing them to take on any job or internship opportunity that arises. This ensures that the student can build an impressive resume and stay competitive in the job market.

Permanent U.S. Residence After Graduation

Even after completing their degree at a U.S. university, many international students are still uncertain about their future in the United States. They are given a very short amount of time to find an employer willing to sponsor them to stay in the United States. This creates tremendous pressure for international students to secure a job immediately after graduation or risk losing their right to remain in the United States.

Because those with an EB-5 visa already hold U.S. permanent residency, they can rest assured they can remain in the United States regardless of future employment. They can enjoy the accomplishment of graduating from college without the anxiety of an uncertain future. This also offers graduates the potential for more job opportunities, since they are not limited to employers willing to sponsor them for a work visa.

The Gift of an EB-5 Visa

The EB-5 program can be a great opportunity for families looking to immigrate to the United States together, as well as for children who wish to immigrate by themselves. If the parents do not wish to immigrate but want to offer their child a future in the United States, they can gift their child the funds needed for the EB-5 program. While the EB-5 program is not the only way to obtain a future in the United States, it can help make your child’s journey as quick and easy as possible.

Those planning an EB-5 investment should be aware of the timeline of the program. Investors can use USCIS’s website to view the estimated processing times of their application and check whether their country has a visa backlog.