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The Best Gift a Parent Can Give: EB-5 Capital


What parents all over the world want the most is for their children to thrive, and many parents recognize that the environment in the United States is highly conducive to success. While the parents themselves may not wish to pack up and move—leaving behind social and business connections and learning a new culture and language could be tough—they can equip their child with the funds for an investment in the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program. What could be a more valuable gift than permanent residency in the United States?

Proving Your Funds Were Obtained Legally

For the most part, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) does not care where investors source their EB-5 capital from as long as they obtained it legally. Therefore, while gifts are perfectly valid, the donor is required to prove that he or she obtained the EB-5 capital legally. You can use any number of documents to prove their source of your funds, including tax returns, investment documents, sale of assets records, business earning statements, and additional documentation. Just to be safe, you should also include a letter stating your child does not need to reimburse you for the donation.

Proving Lawful Sources: Steps for Success
  • Find out from an immigration attorney which of your funds are the easiest to trace.
  • Store the evidence you gather neatly. Have copies made to give to your child and instruct him or her to include them in the I-526 petition.
  • Determine which documents will require translation services and begin the process early to ensure you have enough time.
Why the EB-5 Program Is the Ideal Solution for Students

One of the key demographics that can benefit from the EB-5 program is students. The benefits start before college, with an EB-5 visa facilitating the process of enrollment, continue throughout college, with U.S. green card holders unrestricted in terms of the work they can engage in during university, and remain even after college, with graduates with EB-5 visas possessing the right to stay in the United States even without employer sponsorship.

In addition to donations, investors can also use inheritance money as their EB-5 capital. Youth with gifted or inherited funds should consider an investment in the United States—and their future. A discussion with an experienced immigration attorney is recommended to help young investors determine the path that best fulfills their goals.