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The EB-5 Program: A Great Solution for Canadian Investors


The majority of EB-5 investors come from China, India, and Vietnam—Canada is an underrepresented country. However, that doesn’t mean the program isn’t ideal for Canadian investors. In fact, the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program is one of the best pathways to U.S. permanent resident status for any Canadian who wishes to migrate southward.

The World’s Biggest Economy

With the largest economy on the planet, the United States offers a lucrative market to all those wishing to conduct business within its borders. Canadian investors can take advantage of the business growth that comes with the unparalleled business environment in the United States. That’s not all, either: Canadian investors who would like to upgrade their permanent resident status to U.S. citizen can apply for naturalization only five years after first receiving conditional permanent resident status. The prospect of U.S. citizenship is particularly enticing for Canadians because they are not required to renounce their Canadian citizenship, instead becoming dual citizens.

The World’s Finest Education Institutes

Many of the world’s highest-rated educational institutes can be found in the United States. With the same language and education system, Canadians are well suited to take advantage of the excellent universities in the United States, but they are still subject to the restrictions of being an international student. With an EB-5 visa, however, Canadians can easily gain admission to U.S. universities while enjoying all the same rights as U.S. citizens. Furthermore, EB-5 investors may enroll their children in the U.S. public education system, equipping them with a high-quality education from a young age. In terms of education, investors who invest through an EB-5 regional center can enjoy unlimited possibilities because they are not required to live near their EB-5 project site.

Amazing Climates

If you enjoy warm weather, Canada might not be right for you. While the country can be hot in the summer, Canadian winters call for heavy winter jackets. Winter in Hawaii, Florida, or California, however, can be enjoyed in a bathing suit on the beach. Canadian investors looking to escape to year-round beautiful weather can use the EB-5 program to migrate to their optimal climate. The United States is extremely geographically diverse, so no matter what type of climate you prefer, you’re bound to find the right U.S. state for you.

Countless Reasons to Invest in U.S. Permanent Residence

Canada is the best friend of the United States, so naturally, many Canadians have relatives who live in the United States. In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, Canadian EB-5 investors may be able to move closer to their family. Additionally, cities such as New York City and Los Angeles are unbeatable in terms of lifestyle and entertainment—what Canadian investor could pass such a lavish lifestyle up?

The EB-5 program is the best way for Canadian investors to obtain a U.S. green card, regardless of why they wish to start a new life in the United States. The cost for a life in the United States is $1.8 million, or $900,000 for a targeted employment area (TEA) project, and the main condition is the creation of10 new full-time permanent jobs. Canadian investors who make successful EB-5 investments are granted EB-5 visas for both themselves and their families.